Govardhan Hill Publishing--The Hidden History of the Human Race--Table of Contents
The Hidden History of the Human Race
by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson

Table of Contents



Introduction and Acknowledgements


1. The Song of the Red Lion: Darwin and Human Evolution
Darwin Speaks
Appearance of the Hominids
Some Principles of Epistemology

2. Incised and Broken Bones: The Dawn of Deception
St. Prest, France
A Modern Example: Old Crow River, Canada
Anza-Borrego Desert, California
Incised Bones from Italian Sites
Rhinoceros of Billy, France
Colline de Sansan, France
Pikermi, Greece
Pierced Shark Teeth from the Red Crag, England
Carved Bone from the Dardanelles, Turkey
Balaenotus of Monte Aperto, Italy
Halitherium of Pouance, France
San Valentino, Italy
Clermont-Ferrand, France
Carved Shell from the Red Crag, England
Bone Implements from Below the Red Crag, England
Dewlish Elephant Trench, England
Concluding Words About Intentionally Modified Bone

3. Eoliths: Stones of Contention
Eoliths of the Kent Plateau, England
Discoveries by J. Reid Moir in East Anglia
Two Famous Debunkers of Eoliths
Recent Examples of Eolithic Implements from the Americas
George Carter and the Texas Street Site
Louis Leakey and the Calico Site
Toca da Esperanca, Brazil
Monte Verde, Chile
Recent Pakistan Finds
Siberia and India
Who Made the Eolithic Implements?

4. Crude Paleoliths
The Finds of Carlos Ribeiro in Portugal
The Finds of L. Bourgeois at Thenay, France
Implements from Aurillac, France
Discoveries by A. Rutot in Belgium
Discoveries by Freudenberg near Antwerp
Central Italy
Stone Tools from Burma
Tools from Black's Fork River, Wyoming

5. Advanced Paleoliths and Neoliths
Discoveries of Florentino Ameghino in Argentina
Tools Found by Carlos Ameghino at Miramar, Argentina
Attempts to Discredit Carlos Ameghino
More Bolas and Similar Objects
Relatively Advanced North American Finds
Sheguiandah: Archeology as a Vendetta
Lewisville and Timlin: The Vendetta Goes On
Hueyatlaco, Mexico
Sandia Cave, New Mexico
Neolithic Tools from the California Gold Country
Evolutionary Preconceptions

6. Evidence for Advanced Culture In Distant Ages
Artifacts from Aix-en-Provence, France
Letters in Marble Block, Philadelphia
Nail in Devonian Sandstone, Scotland
Gold Thread in Carboniferous Stone, England
Metallic Vase from Precambrian Rock at Dorchester, Massachusetts
A Tertiary Chalk Ball from Laon, France
Objects from Illinois Well Boring
A Clay Image from Nampa, Idaho
Gold Chain in Carboniferous Coal from Morrisonville, Illinois
Carved Stone from Lehigh Coal Mine near Webster, Iowa
Iron Cup from Oklahoma Coal Mine
A Shoe Sole from Nevada
Block Wall in an Oklahoma Mine
Metallic Tubes from Chalk in France
Shoe Print in Shale from Utah
Grooved Sphere from South Africa

7. Anomalous Human Skeletal Remains
Trenton Femur
Galley Hill Skeleton
Moulin Quignon Jaw
Moulin Quignon Update
Clichy Skeleton
La Denise Skull Fragments
Ipswich Skeleton
Terra Amata
Buenos Aires Skull
South American Homo Erectus?
Foxhall Jaw
Castenedolo Skeletons
Savona Skeleton
Monte Hermoso Vertebra
Miramar Jaw
Calaveras Skull
More Human Fossils from the California Gold Country
Extremely Old Finds in Europe
Extreme Anomalies


8. Java Man
Eugene Dubois and Pithecanthropus
The Selenka Expedition
Dubois Withdraws from the Battle
More Femurs
Are the Trinil Femurs Modern Human?
The Heidelberg Jaw
Further Java Man Discoveries by Von Koenigswald
The Role of the Carnegie Institution
Back to Java
Later Discoveries in Java
Chemical and Radiometric Dating of the Java Finds
Misleading Presentations of the Java Man Evidence

9. The Piltdown Showdown
Dawson Finds a Skull
A Forgery Exposed?
Identifying the Culprit

10. Beijing Man and Other Finds in China
Davidson Black
Transformation of the Rockefeller Foundation
An Historic Find and a Cold-Blooded Campaign
Fire and Tools at Zhoukoudian
Signs of Cannibalism
The Fossils Disappear
A Case of Intellectual Dishonesty
Dating by Morphology
Further Discoveries in China

11. Living Ape-Men?
European Wildmen
Northwestern North America
Central and South America
Yeti: Wildmen of the Himalayas
The Almas of Central Asia
Wildmen of China
Wildmen of Malaysia and Indonesia
Mainstream Science and Wildman Reports

12. Always Something New Out of Africa
Reck's Skeleton
The Kanjera Skulls and Kanam Jaw
The Birth of Australopithecus
Homo Habilis
A Tale of Two Humeri
Discoveries of Richard Leakey
The ER 813 Talus
OH 62: Will the Real Homo Habilis Please Stand Up?
Oxnard's Critique of Australopithecus
Lucy in the Sand with Diatribes
A. Afarensis: Overly Humanized?
The Laetoli Footprints
Black Skull, Black Thoughts

Summary of Anomalous Evidence Related to Human Antiquity



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